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Learn how to use CorteBox. Follow our guide to setup your cutting files in order to get instant prices.

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0. Setup

Download our
DXF Template

Organize your file with our template's layers: Corte (cut), Grabado (etch) and Raster (raster).
Download our PDF manual to better setup your file.
Our material is 29x49,5 cm.
1. Files

Drag and drop your DXF files. Use one file for each panel of material and get a quote with the lowest price and the most economic material.

2. Materials

Choose a cutting material for each file dragging the material over your file. The price will update instantly.
3. Shipping

Two options:

Delivery (5,50€)
in 3/4 days.

Pick up at Cortebox.
4. Payment

Use your credit card or PayPal account.

30% off for students the whole academic year here.
1. Files
Drag your
cutting files
Drag your
cutting files
2. Materials
Choose cutting materials
Choose cutting materials
3. Shipping
Select shipping method
4. Payment
Make your payment
Make your payment

We cut, etch and
and deliver your model
Instant budget!
Download our template

30% off for students
all time here
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DXF here
How to setup your
cutting file and
make your order

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Architectural models
and industrial design

Welcomte to CorteBox! Check out our explanatory video or skip it and go to the web.
Cutting Files
Access your cutting file details clicking on its name.
Drag our materials over each of your cutting files.
Pay your order using a credit card or a PayPal account.
Laser-cutting Price
Shipping Price

Total Price

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